National Council for Geographic Education

NCGE / State Alliance Membership Program


The National Council for Geographic Education is excited to announce a partnership with the National Geographic’s Network of Alliances for Geographic Education. An Alliance-Affiliated Membership category has been created for new and returning members who are affiliated with a participating Alliance.  

Individuals who join or renew their NCGE memberships through this program will receive all the benefits of membership plus an additional conference registration discount, all for the low annual membership rate of $50 for as long as the partnership remains in effect. 

For more than 25 years the Alliances and NCGE have cooperated on a shared mission to improve geographic education. State Alliances are closely in tune with education policy, curricula, and teacher requirements in their states. NCGE’s national conference, publications, and other professional development activities provide opportunities for collaboration involving geography educators across the country.

In addition to the concurrent membership arrangement for individuals, the partnership allows NCGE and the National Geographic Alliance Network to combine their unique strengths to develop a more focused approach to support geographic education. The partnership offers an opportunity for collaboration on major advancements in curricula and classroom resources, professional development, professional recognition, research, and outreach.

Participating Alliances

The following alliances are active NCGE partners. You can download the National Council for Geographic Education & National Geographic Alliance Network Partnership Program Application Form here. To join the program, please visit the NCGE on-line store or use the link at the bottom of this page. 






Click on the link below to become an NCGE/State Alliance Member:

Links To NCGE Partnered State Alliance Websites: