Distinguished Mentor Award

This award honors university faculty who have been exceptional at mentoring students of geography and geography education, and/or who have contributed to the professional development of geography teachers through their work as leaders of Alliances. Nominees should be senior faculty in active service or retired at a university in the United States or Canada. Nominees and nominators must be NCGE members.

One to three Distinguished Mentors are honored with special sessions at each NCGE annual meeting. Participants (usually former students) present paper topics that focus on themes of interest to the Distinguished Mentor and often include informal accounts of working with the honoree or reflections on his/her impact on students or the discipline.

Nominators must specifically indicate why the person is being nominated and include brief, concrete examples of the nominee’s outstanding achievements. Nominations should include the following:

  • Nominator's name, address and email
  • Nominee's home and school addresses, telephone numbers and email
  • Nominee's curriculum vitae
  • Up to to three letter of support from colleagues and/or students

Distinguished Mentor Award recipients will receive recognition within the geographic education community at the annual award ceremony during the National Conference on Geography Education.

The deadline for nominations is: February 1, 2016

Award Nomination Requirements