National Council for Geographic Education



Austin Convention Center  |  November 22–24, 2019  |  Proposal Deadline: March 3, 2019

The National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) is co-hosting our 2019 conference with the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) and the Texas Council for the Social Studies (TCSS). 

Important information for NCGE session proposals:

  • All 2019 conference session proposals, including proposals usually submitted through the NCGE website, will be submitted on the NCSS website for all 2019 proposals.
  • Please also know that while you will be submitting directly on the NCSS website, NCGE will be receiving and reviewing all geography related sessions that are submitted through the NCSS. 
  • However, to make sure your session proposal is directed to NCGE, please make sure to mark "Geography" and/or "NCGE" when provided with the option during the proposal submission process. This will help us to insure that your proposal comes to the NCGE proposal committee.

In addition, if you are looking for space to host a board or committee meeting during the 2019 conference please submit that information directly to NCGE at the following link:

More information can be found on the NCSS website.

Please email with NCGE related questions. Questions related to the submission process will be best answered by NCSS. Contact NCSS at

Information on Geography/NCGE proposals

Geographic Thinking /Inquiry:

Geographic thinking is a way to view the world and understand our place and impact on it. Geography seeks to understand where things are and how and why they got there by studying the connections and interactions among people, places and environments. Geography education engages students in global events and processes, giving them tools to become effective citizens and decision makers.

To do this, geography draws upon and integrates knowledge of many different social study disciplines. Geography is the wonderful integrator and intersection of history, the physical sciences, world cultures, economics, and other social sciences.

NCGE is emphasizing the integration of geography and geographic tools into other disciplines. We want to show how teachers of social sciences such as state, U.S. and World History, Economics, and Civics can use geography to help their students better understand current situations and events. Every teacher attending a session will walk away with an activity, lesson plan or resource that will be useful in teaching his or her students.

Presentations with audience interaction, discussions, and interdisciplinary integration are encouraged.

Presentation Types

You may propose a presentation in any of the following formats:

  • Pre-Conference Clinic (3 or 6 hours)
    Ticketed half-day or full-day explorations of specific topics. All clinics will be held on Thursday, November 21, prior to the main conference program.
  • Traditional Model and Application Session (50-60 minutes)
    Informal presentations that include opportunities for audience participation. All sessions will be presented on Friday and Saturday.
  • Power Session (30 minutes)
    Short, focused, specific interactive presentations that focus on modeling and application and need little introduction. 
  • Lightning Round Presentation (15 minutes)
    Mini-sessions combining common topics designed to connect individuals with shared interests and provide interactive exchange.
  • Panel (50-60 minutes)
    Designated moderator facilitating a discussion among two or more panelists on a particular topic.
  • Workshop (2 hours)
    A more intensive format with time for hands-on experiences. 
  • Poster Presentation (50-60 minutes)
    An opportunity for presenters to illustrate an innovative lesson, teaching strategy, or research result. All poster presentations will be offered on Friday and Saturday.

Presenter Registration

All presenters are required to register for the conference by the advanced registration deadline (November 5, 2019).  PLEASE NOTE: NCSS/NCGE does not reimburse conference presenters for travel or hotel expenses.

Presentation Materials and Audio-Visual Equipment

Presenters are responsible for providing any materials they plan to use or distribute in their presentation. They are also responsible for the costs of any A/V equipment needed. You will find those costs listed on the proposal form. If your proposal is accepted, NCSS will confirm your audiovisual needs and you will be billed for the options you choose.

Commercial Solicitation

Commercial solicitation is prohibited at all presentations. If you are representing a commercial interest, your presentation must be educational in nature. If the essential purpose of a proposal is to promote books, materials, or services for sale, it will not be accepted.


Acceptance/rejection notification will be sent via email to the primary presenters by the end of June. It is their responsibility to relay that information to all co-presenters. If you don't receive notice by the end of June, please contact

Scheduling information will be sent to all participants during the summer.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is March 3, 2019. No proposals will be accepted after this date.

To submit today please visit the NCSS proposal page: