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March 4, 2015

Exploring Geography with the Next Generation Science Standards

Presenter: Mike Jabot, State University of New York at Fredonia

Description: The Next Generation Science standards give us a great opportunity to place science in the context of geography and to introduce spatial reasoning. This webinar will highlight some ways that the presenter has taken advantage of these opportunities in classroom implementations.

Cost: Free for NCGE Members; $20 Non-Members



MARCH 18, 2015

Backbone of the Americas - Geography of the Rocky Mountains

Presenter: Betsy Arntzen, Canadian Studies Outreach Coordinator, Canadian-American Center, University of Maine

Description: Join us for a discussion and detailed, map-rich presentation of background and content for teaching the geography of the Rocky Mountains, focusing on the section of the North American Cordillera in Canada and the United States. We’ll also cover a brief background of current oil transportation problems and show maps of the various routes proposed to move the diluted bitumen to coastal refineries. The session also will include example questions for student work, including suggested maps to answer them.

Cost: Free for NCGE Members; $20 Non-Members


March 25, 2015

Understanding the Impact of the Three Agricultural Revolutions 

Presenter: Dan Synder, APHG Teacher, Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Description: Necessity is the mother of all invention, and global climate conditions necessitated the onset of three distinct agricultural revolutions throughout human history (V. A. 1-3 of the AP Human Geography outline).  Each of these eras were followed by significant improvements in technology, alterations in the urban landscape, and the transformation of regional social organization.  Teaching students to recognize the patterns attributed to these changes in history is paramount in understanding the current world, and predicting future trends.  Materials including visuals and class activities that correspond with the APHG Course Description will be shared in the webinar. 

Cost: Free for NCGE Members; $20 Non-Members


April 1, 2015

South Korea’s Dokdo and East Sea Territorial and Name Disputes

Presenters: Michael Robinson with Joe Stoltman and Jongnam Choi

Description: Join us for a panel discussion on the current situation with Dokdo territorial dispute and the East Sea naming issue. Then stick around for an introduction of lesson plans that have been created to introduce these issues into high school social studies classes in the United States.

Cost: Free for NCGE Members; $20 Non-Members



April 8, 2015

National Geographic MapMaker Interactive Goes Mobile

Presenter: Sean O’Connor, National Geographic Society

Description: National Geographic will introduce participants to their newly re-designed, tablet friendly MapMaker Interactive tool. Using this tool, students and teachers can easily explore thematic maps of our world, covering topics in all realms of geography (physical, economic, historical, etc.). They can also easily construct, save, and share their own geo-tours on topics ranging from local to global. Users have the ability to annotate and bookmark the interactive maps they create with drawings, labels, measurements, and annotations to construct information-rich geo-tours about whatever geography they choose. Join us to learn how you and your colleagues and students can get started with this exciting National Geographic tool today.

Cost: Free Partnership Webinar



April 29, 2015

The Educator’s Introduction to Open Street Map

Presenters: Steven Johnson and Niem Huynh

Description: OpenStreetMap is a freely editable map of the world, often described as 'Wikipedia for maps'. This presentation aims to equip participants with:

  • An overview of the OpenStreetMap project
  • The rationale for using OpenStreetMap for education
  • How to get started with OpenStreetMap
  • Issues in using OpenStreetMap in the classroom

Cost: Free for NCGE Members; $20 Non-Members


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