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September 3, 2014

Sparking Curiosity - Geography, the C3 Framework and the Inquiry Arc  


Paul Nagel – Professor of Geography, North American University, Houston, TX
Joe Stoltman – Professor of Geography, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
Robert Morrill – Professor Emeritus – Geography, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA
Jim Hauf – Veteran Geography Teacher, Berkeley Middle School, Berkeley, MO

Description: Join a panel of classroom and content experts as they share how to spark your students’ curiosity about the world through geographic reasoning.

The NCSS’s C3 Framework is structured around an Inquiry Arc that places student questions and questioning at the center of the learning process. The National Geography Standards similarly place inquiry at the center of geographic learning. During this webinar, learn how to help students apply geography’s unique spatial and environmental perspectives to critical social studies content by exploring links between Dimension 2 of the Inquiry Arc and the National Geography Standards.

Challenge your students to think about issues such as where their food comes from, and how it was transported to market; how globalization is reflected in the products found in students’ homes; and the use of linguistic clues to study the movement of peoples and goods throughout history.  In this engaging webinar for K-16 social studies teachers, examples will be shared on how to get your students to think critically, think geographically and think about what it means to be a geographer.

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September 10, 2014

ArcGIS Online, ConnectED and GeoMentors – A Beautiful Friendship

Presenter: Charlie Fitzpatrick - Esri Schools Program Manager, Esri

Description: The best things in life ARE free. Webinars, tools, programs, and mentors. Will you grab opportunity when it knocks? To support ConnectED, Esri offers every US K12 school a free, powerful, professional, web-based GIS. GeoMentors are anxious to help all HS/MS/elementary educators use it. And a free webinar puts it all together. Join us! Free!

Cost: Free Partnership Webinar



September 24, 2014

Teaching Collaborations in APHG and Beyond

Presenter: Phil Klein - Professor, Department of Geography & GIS, University of Northern Colorado

Description: Teaching Geography comes to life when students see how connections between places affect the conditions they experience. Teaching collaborations allow instructors in different locales to have students compare their own experiences with globalization, sustainability, and environmental change.

This webinar presents a resource for collaborative teaching: the AAG Center for Global Geography Education (CGGE). This free online resource includes 6 modules exploring these issues: Global Economy, Migration, Population & Natural Resources, National Identity, Water Resources, and Global Climate Change. In the first part of the webinar, participants explore the CGGE website and link its content to APHG. Each module includes a Conceptual Framework, overviews that help connect the 7 APHG Content Areas, and several Case Studies, illustrating how these issues occur in different regions. The modules can be a supplementary resource to help students appreciate how APHG’s topics are interrelated.

The CGGE also has Collaborative Activities that provide a means for APHG teachers in different regions to have students discuss local dimensions of the issues. The webinar will present suggestions for establishing teaching collaborations among APHG teachers, using the CGGE resources. We will also discuss prospects for making global connections, building a collaborative network with UK instructors of A-level or IB Geography.

Cost: Free for NCGE members; $20 non-members