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February 24, 2016

The Search for Sustainable Boundaries in the Middle East

Presenter: Don Zeigler

Bio: Don Zeigler is professor of geography at Old Dominion University in Virginia Beach and serves as Chief Reader for the AP Human Geography Exam.  He has taught courses on the Middle East and was elected as Co-President of the Middle East Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers for 2003-2005.  In 1997, he served as President of the National Council for Geographic Education.

Description: Just as sustainable environmental systems are important to the future, so are sustainable political systems, which include international boundaries. The importance of these lines was accentuated as the entire world adopted the nation-state model during the 20th century. In the Middle East, however, the independent states created out of colonial empires never felt comfortable in the political shells which were superimposed on them by powers beyond their control. With an emphasis on the countries of the Fertile Crescent, we will explore the concept of sustainable boundaries with an emphasis on the unsustainable boundaries that have been at the root of so much conflict in the region.



March 9, 2016

Promoting Student Engagement and Critical Thinking Skills in Geography Classes

Presenter: Donielle Albrecht

BioDonielle currently teaches Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography, Advanced (AP) Microeconomics and Advanced Placement (AP) Macroeconomics at The John Cooper School in The Woodlands, TX. She previously taught at the Hutchison School and Cordova High School in Memphis, TN. Donielle serves as an AP Reader, AP Advocate for the state of Texas, and has presented at the past four AP Annual Conferences on topics related to instruction in Human Geography. 

Description: Participants will learn ways to get students engaged in geography lessons and topics that directly connect and show meaning to the learner’s life. Using teaching methods that get all students talking and reflecting, students will delve deeper into their learning of Human Geography.  Topics will include questioning techniques, writing prompts to connect to curriculum ideas, using STEMs for class discussions, class projects and field trips that engage learners.



March 30, 2016

Effective Review Strategies for the AP Human Geography Exam

Presenters: David Palmer, Dan Snyder, Tom Wurst

Bio: (Coming soon...)

Description: Three experienced AP Human Geography teachers and exam table leaders will review different review strategies which have proven to be effective for their students. 



April 13, 2016

The Gerrymander: An Endangered or Evolving Species?

Presenter: Darren Purcell

Bio: Darren Purcell is Associate Professor of geography at the University of Oklahoma, specializing in critical geopolitics, political geography and media geographies. He serves as regional councilor for the Association of American Geographers and also is a member of the Advanced Placement Human Geography Test Development Committee. He holds a BA and MA in geography from  the University of Kentucky and a PhD from Florida State University and was a 2011 recipient of NCGE Distinguished Teacher- Higher Education Award.

Description: This webinar explores the practice of gerrymandering post WW II, highlighting the Department of Justice's efforts to address racially based gerrymandering in states with history of race-based gerrymandering, and the court cases that changed the process in the 1990s. Additionally, we will discuss the recent changes in several states to depoliticize the process and what alternate forms of representation would mean for the idea of spatially connected representation.



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